Why am I still pooping while on a diet?

I am on a very stict diet beside lots of vitamins . I don't mean to be gross, but I don't grasp why I am still pooping?
Please no wise comments and thank you surrounded by advance!

If you're still intake, you're going to "poop". That's why its not just tubby people that enjoy bootyholes.
As long as you eat, you will poop. =)
No thing what, when you eat, the remains must set off your body somehow. Anything you eat will be pooped out of your body eventually, especially if you are consumption a lot of fiber...
Because it's common. If you didn't poo that would be abnormal! Even if you don't guzzle food you'll still poop. Your body will start breaking down the muscle in your body and digest that! Poop is spend foolishly and the body has to find rid of waste. I hope your drinking healthy and not adjectives yourself because YES a wise comment "comatose people don't poop!"
Whatever ur body doesn't inevitability and whatever the vitamins doesn't filch care of requirements 2 leave ur body some how.
I'll try not to be mean. But, seriously, who put you on this diet? I'm just wondering, because if you focus that you won't have bowel movements because you're taking vitamins, I reason it would be best to have a doctor oversee your diet, and not some jumbled person who's trying to deal in you vitamins. Because, it's obvious that you know little just about your body. I mean that surrounded by a nice way, seriously. Besides vitamins, what are you ingestion, anyway?

Angela, actually insensible people do, sometimes.
because ur still consumption ur still pooping
with is a righteous thing because short poo there would be no course for your body to release the unneeded materials
You're human and it's better to poop than have adjectives that stuff just stay inside you.
That's OK to read out what is wrong, However when you change your diet you are traumatizing your body It is not use to a diet next to good food so you poop mo normally, But that's good your body will catch use to it and you will be OK , good dieting.

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