All of a sudden it seems like I have gained 10 lbs. I never gained weight before and this seems to have happen

I have never had trouble with my weight and I never really seemed to gain weight before, regardless of what I ate. But I am 21 now and it just seems like I seemed to have gained 10 lbs in onloy a few weeks. It also feels like I lack the energy that I used to have. I am not eating any more than I used to, altough I am staying with my grandma and there is really nothing to do there except watch tv, which is generally what I am doing while there. But when I am not there I am at the store with my father, walking around, e.t.c. so I know I am getting excercize like this. And I am still fine when it comes to typical activities (walikng, e.t.c.), but I just do not seem to feel like doing things that I used to not mind/did not bother me. For example the other day I had to use the bathroom while we were out, but when my father drove to where a bathroom was I just didn't feel like getting out of the car to go to the bathroom. But it used to be that I didn't mind and didn't even think about it.

It could be that your metabolism is just slowing down, but I would see your doctor just to make sure it isn't anything more serious. Better safe than sorry! Try to do some more intense cardio such as jogging or biking for a half an hour every day. You'll kick start your metabolism, and the exercise will energize you and also keep off any extra pounds that may be creeping up on you.

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