...give somebody the third degree..

I am 14 yrs old and i weigh 132 pounds. Im not intensely tall. Im similar to 4"9 1/2 am i fat or overweight?

Age is not a factor to that genus of thing. It go by height. You are 58-59 inches towering. Your maximum healthy cargo should be between 131 and 136 for either a boy or a girl. Therefore, you are not rotund, you are right in the middle of where on earth you should be.
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For your height you are on borderline. If you dont survey, you are going to be overweight. Healthy diet and physical exercise are needed.
ur not fat
u are overweight, check www.shape.com it have a BMI calculator which is ur BODY MASS INDEX. It also tells u the consignment u should be in regard to ur height age and sexual characteristics. They also have great tips to lose cargo in a good way.

Sorry to influence but you are a little overweight...i'm 5'4 and 125 pounds which is a dutiful weight for my increase...to lose some weight, only just exercise and eat right but never skip a spread!

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