Am I Eating Too Little?

This is what I have eat today, so far:

Breakfast: 1 large banana, dampen
Lunch: Microwave Pizza [390 calories]
Snack: 1 applesauce cup

I usually have sea to drink, and sometimes milk. For dinner, I usually eat 1 1/2 servings of anything is served. Am I consuming too little calories, and if so, is it hurting my weight loss?

piece is, are you full thats the question or are you still adjectives after you ate those meals? if you're adjectives yourself it isnt healthy, but otherwise that seem normal depending on your age also.

word of the wise* my friend told me its healther to drink something during a meal than to skip it
If you don't get through enough, your body go into starvation mode, so you don't lose any weight. It doesn't look outstandingly healthy to me. You want to eat approaching 3-4 times that amount. You're not getting any calcium, or protein, almost no healthy carbs, no vegetables.
how matured are you? the way your intake isn't healthy at adjectives hun. You need heaps more calories a day to run your body.How long enjoy u been consumption like this? enjoy u been loosing a ltot of substance? You might have an ingestion disorder if this has be going on for awhile please go see a dr. here is a site to oblige u lose weight properly. its 100 percent free 2
I get through less than you do ...I solely eat a suppertime a day which is unpromising so yours is bad too...a womanly is supposed to eat 1000 to 1500 calories a sunshine to be eating usually and healthy...for example if you are consumption pizza instead why don't you eat a baig salad or something consists of very much a lesser amount of calories than a pizza and you at least put away 2 times a day approaching chicken, fish,meat will be eating nourishing and at the same time those 390 calories that you put away in a pizza once a afternoon will become eating 2 times a light of day with like calories but with fine eating conduct...
The question you perchance should be asking is… Am I eating the wrong foods? I would suggest replacing some of your food (ex. pizza) beside nutritious fruits & vegetables. I don't know what you normally drink for dinner, but there is also room for nutritious upturn in people's diets. Your body requirements nutrients in lay down to function. You can get plentifully of them by eating good. Fruits & vegetables have especially few calories compared to processed foods. This way, you can loose unwanted grease healthily. For more health & fitness suggestions check out my character blog.
Your not eating ample!!!

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