A dutiful exercise to procure rid of the lovehandles on your fund by your hips?

whats a good passageway to get rid of the luv handle on your back right by your hips?? I know that running will slim a tummy and even give support to your legs...but I want to get rid of the flub on my fund..and it basically comes out more on my extent..thats where I hold alot of my waterweight and I HATE it! facilitate please

Windmills but also side bends with at least possible a 5 lb weight contained by your hand. Alternate from side to side. That will help out the side. The other thing that will assistance your back are what are call "superman" where you lay on the ground on your tummy and heave your arms and legs at the same time. Hold and later release. You can also alter this by "swimming" one arm and opposite leg up and hten alternate! Good luck!
side crunches.
Sounds dumb but toe touches (windmills) close to you did in elementary university gym class. Believe it or not, it actually works better than any piece of equipment.
Do cardio, later do squats. Stand up straight, bend your kness and sit your butt weigh back.

Go to www.deniseaustin.com for some suitable rear workout video.

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