A simple exercise that works out stomach and lovehandles areas?

i need give support to figuring out how to flatten my stomach and at least possible minimize my lovehandles with a simple exercise that i can do any at home or with the machines at my gym. i merely want to know if the treadmill, elipticals, etc. will do anything or if i have to do different things. i'm really slightly clueless in this nouns. thanks!

Best is crunches- look them up online for pictures and how to do them correctly- you do not want to hurt your backbone if you do them incorrectly. Also go out to your local mart type store (Wal, K-mart, Target etc) and pick up a silly fun workout video that specifically say for abs and tummy. Nothing for the pro's just fun looking. Dance type video are fun, cardio striptease is way fun! Try it once a week, product sure the video looks fun otherwise it will just collect dust.
Make sure you are ingestion healthy too, exercise will spawn you tight and firm and sexy, but only if you are taking prudence to eat vigorous.
Best of luck!
sit ups for the stomach and love handles don't know
Try turbo conserve. Hip hop is so fun, and most of all make you feel sexy!
Run outside and sweat, also shorten portion size. If you eat adequate for 2 people you will be the size of two ethnic group. That ratio holds true for all portion sizes.
sit ups!
block you feet below a sofa or the end of the bed and do 100 everynight

start doind 25 at first or something and work your channel up

ive been doing them and i thought the difference
for love handles strecthe yo body 4rm side 2 side, moved out 2 right
You can do belly crunches and the bicycle!
Lying Flat On You Back With Legs Straight Out An dHands Straight Down To You Side Palms Facing The Floor Lift You Legs Only Using Your Lower Body Up And Down In reps Of 10 With A 1 min Pause In Between It Really works I Do Them And I learned Them From Fit TV On Direct TV Sattelite
for love handle try swaying your hips from side to side but fast.
tummy.. crunches

love handle.. crunches while twisting (or situps.. left elbow touches right knees.. down.. up again right elbow touches left knee)
Are you from Cuba? I lived various years in Habana. Anyway, the best exercise that I enjoy ever found for this is simply "crunches". In fact, do them till it hurts, lift a day past its sell-by date and then do them again.
Viva La Habana, Viva Cuba
this is simple, and it works for me: lay on the ground on your put money on, with your knees to one side on the ground, so you're a bit twisted. do some crunches similar to that, and then switch your knees to the other side. works on abs and obliques. hold funn!!
Cardio, Cardio, Cardio! Good Luck!
I bought a pilates dvd that has adjectives different areas of workouts and the very first one is for the stomach and it works every segment of the stomach and its not hard. It have Pilates for Abs , hips and thighs , strength(includs small hand weights), pilates burn, and pilates for flexibility. Each one is 10 mins long and not concrete to do. It actually works.
There is a type of crunches that is to say extremely helpful for adjectives regions of abs and somwhat for the back/lovehandles. It's a v-shaped situp. You dont need any equipment, only floor space!

Start lying on your back next to your knees up and feet on the ground, evenly placed. This is in recent times your basic situp starting position. Your hand should be about at your heels if they are on the ground as very well. That is just to sort sure your legs are at the right distance. Then put your hands at the rear your head. You're primed!

What you do to begin the exercise is hoist both your legs and head (including shoulders!) stale the ground at once. Imagine you are going up from the ground and forming somewhat of a V-shape. you can do this with your legs bent (you can do more repetititions this opening, i like it better) or beside your legs straight to make a true "V" which will work your lower abs more.

It looks approaching this: http://www.ast-ss.com/training/exercises...

Start with 3 sets of 25 crunches respectively, working up to 100 a day! You can ebb and flow the type of crunches but make sure you're doing at lowest possible 100 a day and are emotion the burn.
allright u should def. jog and do cardio 3 times a week and within is this exercise that goes somn close to this:

lay down on ur back near knees bent and feet on floor, next take one leg and rest the foot on the knees, so it kinda looks like ur only relaxing, then put your arms down your head, and own your elbow touch your knee thats pointing out, kinda resembling opposites you know...ummm...i dont know how to describe this, but.umm...okay how about this, lay down flat on the floor, next with your legs create like a 4...purely what it looks like, one leg over the other similar to a number 4.arms behind your cranium, kinda like you're contained by the field enjoy nature or somn, after bend the straight leg as if ur were looking at it from the side it would look close to this: ^ . and then bring the moved out elbow to the right knee, afterwards switch legs and bring the right elbow to the left knees...u know...lemme know if this makes sense lol
KEEP doing those machines that you hold, but add surrounded by stomach exercises...

Crunches, side crunches (where you lift one elbow to your in front of knee), and leg lifts will lend a hand (where you lie flat, and lift up your legs, without moving your upper body past its sell-by date the ground, to straight up in the upper air.)

Also, but more advanced are bicycle crunches..you lift your legs near knees bent at a 90 angle, then put on a pedestal your elbows to meet your stationary knees,,,,,don't move your knees, move your torso. DONT cheat and bring your knees contained by to you closer, that is not target what you need to do..

Do as oodles as you can, then build up to doing sets of 100 or so. Hopefully those tips flatten your tum out...

A great cardio workout way doing AT LEAST 20 minutes per day, 3 times per week. That is you on those machines for that long, PLUS do the stomach work, and you should see a difference.
Pilates classes 4x per week, you can walk to a class at a gym or the YMCA. Or you can go to ROSS dress for smaller quantity and get DVD's cheap nearby. Maybe ebay.
This one works really quickly for me - quality of a modified plank/dolphin yoga pose. Get into a "push-up" position but rest on your forearms instead of your hands. Tighten your abdominals and hold for 30 second. Do 5 sets.

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