Help... trying to lose counterweight..and its kaput?

Im trying to lose weight, but exercise and drinking heathy doesnt seem to give a hand. Until recently i be riding to work (10kms) in the morning, and have salad sandwidges on 'health' bread...
even doing this, i still didnt even lose 1kg.

I only stopped this because i tore a ligiment contained by my ankle...

Should I use herbal stuff to help?

Any suggestions on what i should try would be appreciated

bind the club, the older you bring the harder it is
try harder and stop counting the days, just carry out there and relish your health
Just trim down carbohydrates (like bread) and keep exercising
try to drink food that your body burn quickly approaching fish chichen
salads avoid pastas red meats and try some herbals also
Use red conduct yourself, it is quite encouraging!
It may well be that exercising is increasing your muscle mass
whilst decreasing your body obese,this can result in no substance loss or even sometimes a slight weight gain initially as muscle is more dense than large and therefore weigh more in proportion,don't attain too hung up about bulk on it's own,keep a close eye on your body shape and how you surface physically as well as your counterbalance,persevere your strength,fitness and weight will promote
with time.
Losing freight takes time. If it took you ___?years to gain the weightiness, then it's going to bring that long to lose the weight. No hurried fixes really last for long. Exercising more than you consume contained by calories will cause you to lose consignment. It's not rocket science--simple physics. If you keep a regime, YOU WILL LOSE bulk. It may take a year or two, however, to catch fit. Don't give up.
I would devour a breakfast of eggs and toast and OJ. Lunch should be a decent protein beside fruit, and glass of unharmed milk.
Salads are so high surrounded by calories and fat, it's not a vastly good diet food unless you munch through it plain. (yuck) For dinners, choose tofu or tuna or fish instead of meat, veggies like spinach (high surrounded by b and a vitamins) or cantaloupe, and veggies. Milk. Try to stay away from white breads, processed foods (fast foods I mean), and all sodas. Beer is especially fattening if you drink, but better for you than liquor.Meat is VERY high contained by bad fat-about 30% of it is butter. And when you eat round it takes nil calories to convert it TO FAT! So you stay fat.
If I be you, I'd check out Bruce Lee's fitness book. He gives great exercise suggestion (he looks fantastic) and has some ground breaking nutrition proposal too.good luck...
I would start by adjectives back on white carbs-sugar, rice, potatoes, and anything made near white flour like breads, pasta, cake, cookies, crackers, etc. Next, take your body immensity and divide it in partly. Drink that many ounces within water per daylight. e.g. if you weigh 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces of water per sunshine. Weight training will also help because as you increase your lean muscle, you will rev up your metabolism and you will burn more oil. Also, try not to eat anything 4 hours back bedtime. If you just own to have a nightime snack, try something low surrounded by calories. I used to have sugar free jello beside a little rotund free cool whip.

righteous luck
I had impossible to tell apart problem a couple years ago..

Maybe you can try something more fun (physical of course), something that you really enjoy so you can spend hours doing it..

For me it be dancing on the Dance Dance play station hobby..

And keep up the clean food diet, reduce carbohydrates, dampen sugar, reduce meat, don't drink soda, merely drink plain mineral water.
Green tea might give support to, but don't put sugar on it.
No late darkness meals, no chips or crackers, no cake, no candies. If you like chocolate, devour DARK chocolate only, but try not to commonly.
Try to eat solitary fruits and vegetables (no meat/bread/rice/pasta) for dinner once in a couple days, you'll start to find used to it and then you can do it everyday. Reduce meat, find other source of proteins such as tofu (if you like it), or at lowest eat white meat just.

Use stairs instead of elevators.

Sounds too hard to do? ably, take one step at a time, you don't own to do ALL this rightaway, for a start try doing this once in 2 or 3 days for example, you'll start to take used to it and you'll be enjoying doing this everyday.
If you force to do adjectives this at once, your mind will fight really intricate, your appetite will raise close to crazy in a short time ago a couple days, your diet will blow up and you might even gain more weight.

If you enjoy some extra money, maybe you can try using personal trainers on fitness centers or turn see a nutrition specialist.
stick to high protein diet. cut out carbohydrate. finally snack just on strawberry yogurt, raisins, apples and raw nuts (unsalted almonds & walnuts).
Exercise everyday close to jogging around the block
Skip meal. Eat 2 times per day than 3 times per time
Dont eat until you're full
Eat fruits at dark if your hungry.
Drinks lots of water and stop adjectives the fast food and chocolate.
I found this on this website. There are more tips and info.
there's a video on nouns fitness too.
If you look for lose weight in need diet or go to gym and surrounded by the right way stir to
and there you can found more information something like your body fat and how you can government you weight ,I really use this program and lost 4Kg surrounded by just two week ,I hope this will aid and good luck
To successfully lose counterbalance, you must carry out
a plan to go together your caloric intake with exercise.
Ideally, dieting should be done by drinking a nutritionally
balanced, low-calorie diet and increasing physical leisure.
I found useful informations at

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