A severely serious examine!!?

this girl in my conservatory is anorexic and i know about it and she is also bulimic
what can i do to relieve her???? she isnt even fat!!!!

Most drinking disorders are not really about substance, there are deeper issues beneath the surface. Here are some links that give some indepth infomation on how to aid loved ones with an consumption disorder:

There are more on google but those looked to be some of the better ones. You may also want to tell her parents and sustain with an intervention. Above adjectives be there for her, she will necessitate a great deal of support to start the repossession process. What ever you do I believe that you have taken the first big step near helping her recover by wanting to sustain her. Good luck to you!
Best think you can do is report her parents. So they can get her treatment.
you can't be anorexic and bulemic at the same time. If she's adjectives she's anorexic, if she eats next throws it up, she's bulemic. If you really want to help, have a chat to her family and arrange an intervention so she can bring some help at a clinic.
You necessitate to tell a college counselor right away. If you know the girl as a friend, you should also talk to her parents.

The girl may go and get mad at you, but don't permit it bother you. You're paying that price in directive to do what's right.
Well, do you know her well, or is she in recent times a girl at school? People beside eating disorders try to preserve them very terribly secret, so if you don't know her very well, you might just drive her away. Also, if you don't know her, you're assuming that what you've hear is true, and whether or not the rumor is true, it's just going to create things worse. But if you are really worried then I suggest that you gossip to your school nurse or counselor, and next they can take it from in attendance.

If you know her well, it would still be a well brought-up idea to speak to the arts school nurse/counselor. But you can also talk to her privately, and tolerate her know that you're worried about her. Even if she brushes you sour or gets angry, merely tell her that as a true friend you want the best for her. If she is within denial and truly does have an drinking disorder, as you've mentioned, don't threaten her or force her to eat (well, don't do that anyway, but you know what I mean). but be vastly kind and docile about it and inspire her to eat. You may also have need of to talk next to her parents if they don't already know.

It is good that you are concerned. Too oodles people any don't notice or devise that eating disorders are a honourable way to lose shipment, when in trueness they pose serious health risks, and even annihilation sometimes.

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