A question about stretching.?

Well, first of all- what exactly is Yoga? Is it just stretching and breathing? I guess I should just go buy a video instead of asking the question on here...

And second of all- Before I had kids, I never used to work out. I only stretched and listened to Enya (LOL) for close to an hour a day, and I had little fat and lots of muscle. Now that I've had kids and gained a little bit of fat, will stretching help me? I've tried doing Pilates and it seems to be working, but I miss my stretching! Not only was I in better shape when I stretched, but I also had a lot less stress...

Enya…lol, sorry. =) I have a really short attention span so yoga doesn’t work for me. Even palates can’t keep me focused.o_O I’ve been doing this spastic boot camp workout for a while now and it keeps me tone. I use to stretch before I would start but I really don’t find a need for it anymore. If your just now starting back working out I would recommend stretching so you don’t strain or pull anything. Your young right? I’m sure you will lose that fat in no time.

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