5"5' Between 105-108 lbs 13 yrs aged chubby?

I am so confused!! Ok i think i am for a moment bit chucky. But everyone says i am SKINNY! I see my self contained by the mirror and i look huge!! Why does everyone say i am so skinny??!? Am i fleshy or what??!!


You are not fat!! For your 5ft. 5in.increase and age of 13 years, the healthy amount of substance is approx. 110- 120 lbs.
I'm worried about you seeing yourself as chunky. You are skinny!
I am like height as you and weigh 125lbs. I attain comments that I need to munch through more. Granted, I have prevailing conditions to large bone structure. This have always made me look 10lbs. thinner because I enjoy prominent bone structure. If I weigh less than 125lbs. I start looking too dilute.
This may also be your situation. It depends on your own frame size.
Don't take adjectives of this as fact. Make yourself an appointment beside your family Dr. Tell your parents around your confusion.
There is help for this compassionate of thinking. It is okay to get that relief
hahahaha NO! im 5'6 and weight resembling 125.
and im not fat.
Haha you are super skinny.
you are underweight. Yes, you are skinny.
you might own an eating disorder or a condition call Body Dysmorphic Disorder that causes your mind to trick you into seeing a cooking oil girl in the mirror, when within reality you are VERY skinny. can you tell to your parents, a teacher, or the university counselor?
Everyone is right your not fat. Maybe, in recent times maybe, you hold the disease where you suggest your to fat!
Girl...your approaching super skinny

you aren't fat

trust me
My mother is 5'1" and weigh 79 pounds. She thinks she is lubricant. She needs kidney dialisis 3 times per week and is contained by very poor robustness.

You are not fat.
you skinny
i am 5'1 and weigh 108 lbs. and i mull over i am fat.
i'm 5"5' and 109-115

your question should be: should I do anything about my chubbiness?

no, u shouldn't, we all see respectively other differently.
I've been grown up knowing everyone around me is flabby. (becuase im super skinny)
ur fat to me.

So what ur stout. Do u like or not approaching being corpulent?
plz email back
No. You're run of the mill. My sis is 12 and she weighs almost that much (I think) so there's no need to verbs (like me!).
Your are super skinny to much probably. i am 5"2' and 118 lbs and i am still small for most since i can fit into size 1's and 3's. you need to stop worrying and trust other individuals even if you dont see it. No one is ever satisfied near themselves when they look in the mirror.(im not rewarded with my consignment but who cares live existence and stop the worrying)
You by all system are not fat. I would urge you to receive some help from your parents, a friend, a doctor, or somone you trust. You may enjoy some kind of drinking disorder. Please, find someone to talk to.

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