12 year old-fashioned... calories...?

How many calories should an 12 year feeble eat a daytime?
I wanna kinda test myself and consequently see how many or repeal out which food I souldn't eat to regularly.

-thanks for answering!

at 12 it doesnt matter if you are doing plenty of excercise... the excercise keep your metabolism in tact so you can burn calories even while sleeping and recharge. Experts say 2000- 2500 calories per year with adjectives food groups including small portions of candy. If a person have a low metabolism its because they dont excercise enough to condition their metabolism.and dont snack too much thats how those get heavy...not to offend anyone.
at 12 you shouldn't requirement to worry going on for calories, especially if you lead an live lifestyle. If you do need to lose mass, contact a Dr or dietician for profressional advice.
more or less 1800 calories is good for an average 12 year prehistoric
Just eat a natural balanced diet and maintain junk food, sweets and soda surrounded by moderation. If you do this and don't overeat, then you shouldn't hold to worry in the region of calories, especially since you're probably still growing.
No need for you to verbs about calories. Enjoy a flawless range of clean food (and occassional fast food is OK). Having a positive self figure and expectation of yourself is No. 1.
It depends on how much you weigh and if you want to put on the weight or lose substance . Also it depends on how much food intake you consume for a 12 year old and what kind of food.

This might help : if you put away six times a day but surrounded by portions. also eating the right foods instead of cast-offs food, Last exercise everyday for 15-30 mins.
Listen, if you are 12, you shouldn't even know what a calorie is!! : ) You have adjectives your boring adult energy to worry something like that! I see why you want to know anyway but, still! If you absolutely NEED to know, you should ask a Dr. or Dietitian! Hope it help ya!

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