Achieving optimum definition this week (details inside)?

On Saturday I have an event coming up contained by which I am required to wear an unbuttoned shirt on. I am without blemish fine with my body as is, but I'd approaching maximum muscle definition.

On Monday I worked my Abdominals, Tuesday I did very minor support and bicep work, Wednesday was rest morning, Today (Thursday) I did some tricep and chest work.

Tomorrow I an debating if I should do another Abdominal day, because the over training might nick away from some gains. I'd resembling an experts advice on the situation please.

(Note: earlier you ask where's legs, I did squats and stuff on saturday)

do a bit of everything, light weightiness and many reps. dont catch too sore. If u want absolute maximum definition after that use some of that fabricate tanning stuff, that washes rotten but looks really help.
Absolutely! You can do've only done abs 1x this week.abs can be done 3x a week. You could do a nice ab session and later sat back your event another quick chest session for your unbottoned shirt.
I also recommend a solarium session for extra definition.
Good luck!

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