114 to 107?

to you think it is possible to shift from 114 to 107 from today to next monday. i own cheer practice three days for three hours and fit jam from 6-3 sit. and sun. and i exersice at the gym for an hour doing 30 min. cardio and 20 min sculpt and 10 stretch. and i am on a stritch diet. medium meltabilsm, 5' 14 years ripened. i want to be healthy not anorexic. please dont enunciate 114pounds is fine because i am usually 107 and want to get wager on to that and i am going on vacation subsequent tuesday so anymore tips how to lose that weight would be appriciated!!

all right try runing in the morning. but precipitate so the air is fresh. and get through organicly. i started doing that. and i lost a lot of immensity. i mean it may cost more. but you'll hold a lot smaller amount flab. and a lot more fab!
How high-ceilinged are you?
well i don't consider so because since you workout/exercise so much your most likely to gain immensity or stay th e same, just because muscle weigh more then flab. you will probably notice your body getting more defined though, and distinguish yourself becoming thinner, but the scale lies.
your getting muscles they weigh more than podgy. if you still fit in your clothes dont verbs

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