18 year outdated feminine, other tired, lost 10-15 pounds surrounded by a year...is that fruitless?

I'm 18 years old, and I hold been attitude very tired even after 9-10 hours of sleep. Lately society have be telling me that I'be be losing alot of weight. I don't really see it, but I guess other folks do. Ive been skinny my together life, but very soon i'm down to about 109. This time finishing year i weighed going on for 120-122. Is this too much weight to be losing and unexpected for me to be feeling so tired?

I agree next to the need for a physical. Being other tired is not normal for anyone. Ask for a CBC, complete blood examination and start with your iron level
You need a complete physical to determine the plea for your weight loss and nouns
go explain to a doctor this could be an issue
This happened to me when I be about your age. I weigh the same, roughly 120, and got down to 102. I be concerned and went to the doctor and be tested for everything under the sun--diabetes, over-active tyroid, etc.
They couldn't find anything wrong.
I'm immediately 24 and I weigh 106.
I'm very interested contained by other's answers to this question! I could own asked it myself!
Well I think I can support you. Lets first talk roughly speaking your fatigue, I'm just going to update you what I did. I was amazingly tired because I was toxic. It happen from not going to the bathroom properly because of all the chemicles surrounded by our food. So I suggest that you go to any robustness food store, I like super supplments, move about ahead and ask about their full body detoxes. What this will do is pull out adjectives of the toxicity out of your blood, organs, and clean your intestines and colon, you want this. And then after you enjoy detoxed (as many times it take to feel better) Get Iron surrounded by liquid form, this will build your blood rear legs up and give you proper vitality, it seems close to your deficent. And also B complex vitimans, make sure adjectives your vitimans are " whole food based" if within not, then don't expect to perceive any better, the human body will reject it, and make you more tired! And another article, Green Vibrance, this is all your greens and oil and deep deep-sea vegetation that the body thrives on.And one other article, Sam-e, this is a mood booster and it helps your joint and cleans the liver also, very crucial! Its all over the counter not detrimental. Please do these things, it WILL help you. it did me.And as you do these things everything else will plummet into place. And please make sure you get through organic as much as you can.
To that Pat entity, you shouldn't have posted since you didn't bother answering her press.

About the weight lost and person tired, you should definitely stir to the doctor but in the event that they don't find anything, which is most regularly the case, you might look at what you are ingestion and how often. If it is adjectives junk, that could be the problem.

When we are immature, we don't realize what the food we are eating does to our bodies. I'm not simply talking nearly weight gain. Some of it make us feel run down and low verve. If you are not getting enough of adjectives the nutrients and vitamins your body needs, it can engender you feel tired.

You might call for a nutritionist more than a doctor. Ask your doctor about that. Write down everything (and I miserable everything) you eat and drink within a week to see if you are getting enough of what you want.

What others think nearly how you look isn't as important as how you get the impression and what YOU think.

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