A few questions about yoga.?

1. When is the best time to do yoga?

2. What is the minimum amount of time you can do yoga for it to be effective?

3. How many times a week should it be done?

4. What are the best poses to do?

5. What should a person do before and after yoga?

No single answer to any of your questions, so I'll just answer based on my own experiences:

1. mornings I have more energy, evenings I'm already warmed-up and more flexible. I generally prefer to go around 6 PM.

2. 2-3 hours a week, which isn't too much of a commitment. For a long time I just went 2x per week and still noticed big changed. Some people go 1x a week and love it.

3. I go 2-3x a week now, but I don't think there is any right answer to this question.

4. Take a class and learn all the poses. Then decide which ones are most effective for you - we all have different bodies. That said, you'll spend a lot of time in mountain pose, down dog, up dog, chair, tree, and triangle. There are tons of poses, but those are some of the most basic.

5. Eat a snack about 2 hours ahead of time - something with protein is good. Drink lots of water before class. Wear non-binding clothing (nothing tight on the waist, in particular). Afterwards, drink lots of water again and enjoy how good you feel!

Have fun!

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