Am i ingestion the right things to lose mass?

When i was on holiday near, i was away for 10 days and i be eating a low calorie cereal hotel for breakfast, one and a half slices of white toast beside a thin spreading of butter for lunch and usually a baked potato beside salad for dinner, i felt great, lost a bit bit of weight and be happy.
And i be just wondering if i can get a diet on like this when im home, as i do want to lose a nit more bulk, i am 5 ft 5 and weigh 9 stone 4lbs (130lbs)
Or is this an unhealthy diet to be on?
While at home i would tend to put away wholemeal toast with a low round butter spread.

The foods that you are eating really do not hold a lot of nutritional pro,. You seem to be drinking a lot of carbs, and carbs do dispense you energy, but protein and fruits and veggies are a better style to give you prolonged dynamism and help you lose bulk. Salads are a good source of veggies a moment ago try not to use too much dressing.
the white bread will clog up your insides, the baked potato is not all that great, perchance on holidays. basic on form eating plan, is ingestion a lot of protein[nuts,seed,grain.chees... if you must. meat make you fat and is cruel] and vegetables,[fresh and colorful try some guacamole next to red bell peppers, or newly maybe a simple carrot] fruit[good for snacks, preserve you energized] the salads are good [make sure the lettuce are depressing leafy greens] variety is best, so you can procure the different vitamins and minerals. never go hungry because if you body have enough to munch through it has no pretext to hold on to anything, so it will go right through you.
u should include like mad of fresh fruits and vegetables in ur diet, complementing it next to light exercises.

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