Does weightiness lifting stunt your growth?

Im 15 should i lift weights?
Im almost a sophmore.

I started lifting when I amalgamated the football team within my freshman year of high college. I was 5'8" later and grew to 6'2", but my dad is 6'4" and my mom is 5'9", so I'm not sure whether I would have grown more if I hadn't lift.

I think that the best point for someone your age is to lift, but don't pull until absolute muscle dead loss (that's when you can no longer lift the banister up, you can't lower the bar at a middle-of-the-road rate, and/or you can't hold the bar within place). Only lift until you grain a little mortified for right now, and work your road into lifting to failure within the future (when you're an mature, that's vital for optimal cargo training). You also don't want to put your max weight on the shaft for your first set of any exercise, as that will shock your body and your joints. Also, be sure that you're ingestion a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein, as a nouns of proper nutrition will stunt your growth more than pretty much anything else. Hope this helps, and delight in the weight training.
Height is purely inheritance. My brother is 14 is lifting quit a bit

15 is a great age to start in my opinon. I aspiration i would have started untimely but has any greenhorn only start stale 3 days a week (fullbody workout) and listen to your body when you overtrain and then rest and get through right and alot

-Any more questions or any positive advice amalgamate
I begin lifting weights at 12, and it actually help me grow a strong, broad bone structure, because I had the musculature to support it.

15 is a reliable time to begin lifting weights, you should be surrounded by between growth spurts, and that will assist your body in strengthening your spine for the subsequent growth spurt.
That depends on what "growth" you are talking something like, if you catch my drift...

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