What is a suitable routine to follow to receive 6packs?

Hi I'm 14 years old, I consignment 177lbs how much will it take me to win 6 packs
Please report to me a good routine to follow
if any one be my weight at this age and in a minute has 6pcks please have a chat about the routine you followed

Answers:    yea you dont own to be underweight to have a 6 pack, you a short time ago need to own <10% bf. ive always have abs from soccer but wat i do is cardio like running, sagging leg raises, crunches, and quit drinking junk food.
Drive to the liquor store.

A 6 pack is impossible unless you are severely underweight. Those you see within magazines are airbrushed.
Try swiss bubble. It is very impressive for abs area.

When you do a crunch on the floor your upper abs muscles are working. When you do it on the Swiss globe, your core muscles; which consist of all the muscles surrounded by your abs area, muscles surrounded by your back, your pelvic nouns and hips are working to help hold on to you on the ball. You are working more muscles so you in fact increased the value of your exercise.

Check out following article and video for more details:

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