A lacto-vegetarian diet... It's so rock-hard, Any suggestions?

The weird entry is whenever I eat meat, I'm more sluggish or tired, I don't know why, but it's only really hard on my stomach to bar when I eat it on a day by day basis... I asked myself question like, why is my stomach hurting so much? Is ingestion meat everyday causing this?

So I did somewhat research online on becoming vegetarian... blah.. blah.. blah. Anyways, the entity is when I was drinking more fruit, beans, soymilk, cheese, and seaweed everyday, I just notice something changed in my body... I'm approaching a new human being whenever I eat a lacto-vegetarian diet everyday... I'm not moody or depressed at all, I discern more energetic physically and mentally.

I simply hope I can stick to this diet, but it's hard... not so graceful because I grew up eating meat adjectives my life, but I'm trying to money.

Anyone facing a similar situation?

I'm actually not facing a similar situation, but I've be vegetarian earlier for moral reasons (I still embargo to eat anything not free range) and yeah, it is concrete at first. But it gets much easier. The point that helped me when I first started be having closely of eggs. Buy free range natural eggs and drink lots of organic RSBT-free milk so that you still catch those animal proteins in your diet to hold on to that part of you self-satisfied. Also, there are oodles vitamins that can only be found contained by meat, eggs, and milk, so you don't want to miss out. Continue eating healthily and cut down slowly on dairy and eggs as you travel and switch to soymilk and scrambled tofu. Also, to get motivated I suggest trying out scrumptious vegetarian entree recipe to see how good it can be! Nuts can cause any dish amazingly hearty.
Well, I dont suggest the lacto-vegetarian way... your body wants protein...
And if you dont have it, you will lose alot of muscle issue...

you can take protein and vitamin B supplements to recoop that... but its still not easy...

You can basically put away anything but meat...

Have you checked with the doctor?
Maybe you own an ulcer or something...
Hmmm...all right, I'm a vegan and I freaking love it. I couldn't envisage going back. Congratulations, by the approach, for taking control of your diet and your life. I'm glad you're sensation better, but I admit, it be really hard at first. I have to re-learn everything about drinking and habits...pretty much resembling food amnesia, lol.

If you have a Trader Joe's within your area, you own to go. It's so assured to be vegetarian/vegan if you can shop there, and cheaper than man a meat eater anywhere. I feed my ancestral of 3 for about 175$ a month, and we put away well.

If not, look around your town and find your local full food store. Look for brands like Morningstar Farms, Boca, Tofutti (my fave) Double Rainbow, Amy's, Smart Dogs, Silk...adjectives of these things will make you forget that you're not a meat eater. Good luck!
don't step on any diet at all thats not wholesome. simply eat a wide open variety of foods. munch through a lot of vegetables and fruits but put away meat and fish every once in a while. the aim you get tired and depessed when you get through meat is because your body has a sturdy time digesting it and because you probably didn't eat adequate vegetables and fuits before which hold a lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which assistance every part of your body. that is to say one of the "myths" of the vegetarian diet. humans are not vegetarian, they are omnivors so eat similar to a human. humans eat abundantly of vegetables and fruits and a little meat and fish so do that and you will perceive great.
I never really liked meat that much but here is some stuff i eatr to be exact vegetarian.

I close to eating cheese sandwhichs which is simply sourdoughbread,jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato. It has high-ranking protein.

Salads, salsa, chips, fruit smoothies from Jamba Juice, chips, cookies, and protein bars are righteous.

Try Tofu some people resembling it others dont.
Good Luck
I am glad that you found a healthy diet for yourself. If you really miss meat, fish or poultry, ingestion a very small amount should not explanation problems. Try to look up new recipe and try them at least once a week.

I own been lacto-vegetarian <ovo-lacto> since 1970. I had some really unpromising feelings just about eating flesh from the time I be about six. My reason for my diet may be different from yours.

My daughters own been lacto-vegetarian for 8 or 9 years now. They are both excellent cooks.

Eat capably and prosper!


omg yes i am facing the exact same situation! well, what i did to start out be this: if i had a choice between meat and vegetables (or something vegetarian) close to at a restaurant i would get the vegetable one. instead of ribs or something i would find a salad. just force yourself to charge the salad over the ribs. after you haven't had run into for about a week or so, it should prolly become a LOT easier to get through veggies instead of meat. after you dont have meat for a while the thought of it seem gross.

after you can get yourself to produce the better decisions at restaurants etc you can do impossible to tell apart @ home by only buying lacto-vegetarian approved items like esparagus, salad stuff, etc. if you live w/ ppl who arent a lacto-vegetarian you need them to support you. like if u still live at home and your parents brand ur meals, own them make something that you can devour. it may take a short time extra work, but then u should swot up to make it yourself so you dont put the burden on anyone else.

usually for most ppl after they dont hold meat for a while they dont really want it or crave it so i just suggest for a week or longer until you dont crave meat a short time ago force yourself to make the right decision.

make sure you take enough protein within your diet! dont cut out dairy or beans because you need protein to function properly.

okay, hope this helps!! apt luck w/ ur vegetarianness!! lol


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