Adderall and consignment loss?

Has anyone experienced weight loss from taking adderall? It severely represses my appetite and I can narrowly eat while on it. Will this aid within me losing weight? I'm supposed to be taking it so that's not an issue. I am not taking it profoundly now because I'm not surrounded by school, but I am wondering if I should start again since I'm looking to lose some plump.

My son was on Adderall...and it did suppress his appetite. He have since been switched to a low-grade appetite suppressing medication.

Since you're not hungry...make the food you do devour count. Eat healthy snacks, an apple, peanut butter sandwich, celery and carrot. They're not real big meal, but you do not want to lose weight because of the appetite suppressive side effect of Adderall...

To lose oil, eat protein and exercise. Being that you're young-looking (assuming so since you're not in school), you really do not have need of to be losing weight. Maintain, possibly...but do not use that particular Adderall side effect as a diet's not wholesome and your doctor can pull you past its sell-by date of it fast. You will be going surrounded by for weight checks every so habitually...and blood pressure checks...monitoring that you are in your everyday range and not losing shipment.

Do not use it if you do not need to for concentration for arts school, as weight loss is not the simply side effect, but elevated blood pressure, which can hurt just give or take a few every system in your body then on in time.
not eating will aid you within losing muscle first than fat. you will look approaching a crack head. i wouldnt filch that stuff if i where you. you know its a scam right?
It way you could become malnourished and lose not corpulent, but muscle.
For some this does occur. There are other meds which serve impossible to tell apart purpose which may be better for you.
Adderall has be shown to truly aid in bulk loss in studies. I believe someone is doing a study in a minute with putting severally obese teens on the drug to back them lose weight. I am not sure how protected it is however to be used in with the sole purpose weight loss. It is a stimulant drug much similar to cocaine and it stimulates the body's mechanisms including the metabolism. If your worried roughly speaking weight loss discuss with your doctor. If not and you are taking it as prescribed later the weight loss may be an added bonus.

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