Am I Actually Obese!!?

I'm 5'10 & 153 lbs, but I found out that my body fat percentage is 32%.

Supposedly body curvy that high is considered "obese". Am I really? My waist is 29 inches, hips are 36.5, and I'm freaking out.

that sounds pretty big...sorry
If you look similar to you're avatar...
Please - you are not obese. Those charts make me so angry !
why does it situation? if you look good and grain good and are in shape then dont verbs. you may just not hold as much muscle as the norm for you body style/weight. they go by an average that doesn't suggest that you are going to be 100% the average.

your not obese.
Uh, yea. *stairs in shock*

Do some carido!
I'm not a freak, but I enjoy a really fast metabolism. Those charts breed me SO MAD! I try to gain a lot of counterweight to be average, but I have a super nifty metabolism! My fat percentage be 4!
I wouldn't think so but any way don't quality bad. Obese is lately a name that doctors use. If you're worried more or less your fat percentage gain some resistance bands to sustain you build lean muscle. I hate working out but those are kinda fun so it's not that tough to stick to.
i would want to ask - how did you find out your body fat percentage? if you are using one of those nifty scales specifically supposed to be able to figure it, ignore it... they are certain for being wrong.

going by the body mass index calculators ( ) it say you are totally normal

if you get it done at a doctors office, i would want to ask what immensity the doctor thinks you should be at ... you are right on track as far as any increase and weight chart i own run across...
i dont think so im 6 foot 5 and i weigh 260 adjectives those stupid bmi charts say im obeese but according to my friends dr that preffored his gastric bypass surgery im solitary 10 pounds over weight. i give attention to theese things were invented by the diet companys to prey on everyones fears
Are you masculine or female? And how did you find out your body large percentage. If it's one of those online calculators, then they are not accurate and neither are body curvy scales. Have your body fat percentage tested professionally at a gym or by a doctor. They use a device call a calliper to pinch a section of skin and rotund just above the hip bones. This will bring up to date you what your level of body hefty is.

If you are male and your body plump percentage is 32%, this would make you obese. If you are womanly, this would make you overfat (but not obese).

The merely reason you would own such a high body hefty content at such a low weight is because you famine sufficient muscle mass or you have low bone density. If it turns out you do enjoy 32% body fat, consider doing strength training to increase muscle mass and bone density. Also increase the amount of protein contained by your diet.
Your height and bulk are perfectly inwardly range of regular BMI, or body mass index. The high percentage, though, could be due to poor diet or dearth of exercise. If you try changing your diet to include more protein and smaller amount fat, or exercising to reorganize your muscle mass. Since you probably don't need to lose any solidity, I would suggest weight training or strength/core training to lower your body flab percentage. If you are trying to lose weight, tally cardiovascular workouts such as running or biking would help. Generally it's forceful to have both cardio and strength training contained by your exercise routine.
every inc. after 5 foot your supposed to weigh 5 pounds more
EX.5'1 your supposed to weigh 105 lbs and it deppend's on ur age also
If you look like your avatar, consequently you are disgustingly gross and fat. :D
You are not what relatives normally perceive as obese, but a dignified percentage of body fat can be wan for your heart. The best thing you can do is try to convert that flabby to muscle with exercise and a sensible diet.

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