A friend of mine have freight loss, knees tie surgery and shes lost 28 lbs surrounded by 2 weeks, im resentful...how?

how does it make u lose 28 lbs surrounded by 2 weeks???

shes not even that heavy, possibly 80 lbs?

im 50 lbs over my weight /height chart and a size 9/10 surrounded by pants and m-L within shirts... can i have nouns band surgery?

Just drink plenty of dampen and engage within good in good health diet. Plenty of protein, fruits, veggies. Keep your carbohydrates to under 20% of each day intake. Portion control is essential to dieting. Eat 5 or six smaller meals a sunshine.

An easy exercise program can be done, stretching for flexibity, cardio for tolerance and fat burning, and any calastetics or weigh training for muscle tone and strength. Also remember that muscle wieghs more that fat, but it is leaner and more dense.

Its vital to decrease caloric intake while increasing calories adjectives in a light of day. That is the key to losing wieght. I hold dropped almost 20 lbs in the recent past two and half months, simply by shifting a few eating customs and exercising moderately. Good luck.
Most insurance companies will not pay for lap-band surgery unless you enjoy other health issues that are aggravated by size (such as diabetes or heart trouble) or are extremely overweight. Personally, I would not recommend a lap decoration, and I doubt that your friend was just 80 pounds overweight. You usually have to be at lowest possible 100 pounds overweight before human being considered for a lap leash. I have a friend who have a lap group, and basically, you enjoy to liquify almost all your food. You can't chomp through much. You lose a lot of substance initially, but that slows down, and soon, she may need the strip tightened in writ to continue losing.
I'd stick to a diet and exercise program. Skip surgery if you can. Be Healthy.

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