24 Hour Fitness Clubs?

Does anyone know the price per month for a membership at a 24 Hour Fitness club? I am interested surrounded by joining but can't find a price on their website. Also, when you become a member, is it for a year or do you retribution month by month. If I join and don't similar to it will I be stuck with paying for a adjectives year or what? I've never joined a fitness club, but am wanting to soon! So any tips would be greatly appreciated!

They enjoy a special right now for 39.95. It's month to month no bias fees or starting fees. But you have to rate first and last month when signing up($80 something). All locations are available to you. And they pocket the amount out on the 10th of every month. Oh they also will give you a backpack,towel,hose down bottle,and t-shirt. The special ends Monday 7/10/07 . I signed up today. Good Luck and hopefully everything will work out in your favor.
You hold to choose a club location first, as the prices varies by location.


There are several plans. At my location, 90 days costs $149. Or you can go and get a 7-day pass for free, so you can see if you similar to it before you discharge anything.

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