Am i ingestion on top form?

i had no breakfeast
for lunch i have two chicken salad sandwiches
for dinner i have a burger with a saugsage pastry
is this healthy or am i ingestion too much?

not even near clean. rotfl.
i dont eat tough either, but to be exact WAY too uneven. too much meat and heavy. Get more vegees, dairy, and wheat in your meal.
yes you need breakfast.
i deduce it would be healthier if you cut what you ate within half and added some fruits and veggies on the side...
put away a healthy breakfast, what is better is to put away half of what you freshly mentioned and add close to fruit and veggies to that daily diet.
It is horrible!

Breakfast is the most critical meal of the afternoon. Skip it and you are heading for all kind of trouble down the line.

You should hold 5 (minimum) fruits and vegetables a day. Chicken "salad" does not constitute a veggie.

You enjoy no calcium either within dairy or plant form.

You had more than a days share of animal oil.

Continue this way and you can expect grown onset diabetes, corpulence, colon cancer, and a heart attack or stroke.
Ok, the best way to lose shipment is to have your 3 meal a day! If you miss breakfast, it's not gonna comfort! Its the most important feast of the day. Instead of Hamburgers, shift for maybe a chicken salad or something that have no greese and low in rotund. Having too much sodium, caffein or sugar won't help. Just drink your fruits and vegetables, have your 3 meal (or 6 small meals) a day. Don't forget in the order of excersice! =D
How old are you? If you are done growing, your minimum should be:
2 servings of lean protein [ you have 4, none of them lean ]
2 servings of low fat dairy [ you have none ]
3 servings of whole particle bread, cereal, rice, or pasta
[ you had 6 pieces of bread ]
2 servings of fruit [ you - none ]
3 servings of veggies [ you - none ]
2 servings of flab - about 1 teaspoon [ you have 2 mayos, and sausage and burger patty wo\ith how much rotund? ]
So you either exceeded or didn't drink any of all the food groups!
Add liquid or cereal to breakfast
Eat fruit, veggie,or 4 oz. yogurt for a snack.
Eat a veggie or salad with lunch or dinner.
Have milk and cereal surrounded by AM, or sneak a slice of cheese in your sandwich.
it's other better to eat breakfast. it keep u from eating closely during the day. and i wouldnt guzzle a burger with a sausage meat pie for dinner. try eating something on the food pyramid.

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