Has anyone used the 6 SECOND ABS?

If so how long does it take to attain a flat stomach?
I am a large size UK 8 and want to enjoy a flat and toned stomach!
Many thanks.

You enjoy to lose the fat first.try running/walking/dancing/ and anything else to procure your heart rate up. Also work your abs and ever other body party so that it will procure toned. You can tone fat! Sorry!
I agree beside the person earlier, there is no point have perfect abbs if they are below a layer of heavy. There is no real short cut to a impeccably flat stomach, only concrete exercise :)
I dont sugest using those 'quick fix' things.. one of my friend bought one and it was compelete second-hand goods, it told him to just sit up and down... so you dont really call for to waste a full lot of cash on something thats going to administer you common sense.

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