Am I doing sit ups right?

Ok, I try doing sit ups, cause I know it's roughly the only means of access to lose belly fat. What Is the correct track to do them? When I do them I normally don't quality anything, no pain or anything , even when I'm done, does this imply i'm doing them wrong?

YOU ARE WRONG...! SIT UPS DON'T GET RID OF BELLY FAT. Sit ups don't get rid of much of if anything... do bicycle crunches or crunches. you can't lose fleshy from doing these exercises without proper diet... this nouns of fat will be the later place you will lose fat. put your foot, run, and fat burning lofty intense work outs is the only track to go. and drink alot of fiber. and drink tons of water..
doing sit ups is not how you burn belly rotund. all it does is tighten the muscles below the fat on ur belly. to burn belly tubby you have to do cardio.
There are two parts to it: intensity, and the number of repetitions. To increase intensity, sit up from a lying position on the floor short lifting your legs, with your arms aft your head. Otherwise, increase the number of repetitions.
do crunches instead, better for the subsidise and mroe effective, jump to google or youtube or search crunches
Like some of the others said, sit ups will not give support to get rid of belly rotund. You need to donate some cardio exercises to get rid of your belly oil.

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