About how masses calories do you burn from jog at a moderate step for 25 minutes?

If you're going about 5 mph, which is a moderate tread, you'll cover 2 miles in 24 minutes and burn something like 300 calories.

You burn about 150 calories per mile, I don`t know slightly more if you run a little faster, but it's really not significantly more. You'll also burn for a moment more if you're heavier and a little smaller number if you're lighter. But 150 calories per mile is easy to figure in your leader and is pretty accurate no matter speed or counterbalance.

Here are some caluclators that can help you next to how far, how fast, or how long it will clutch to cover your distance...
about 185 im guessing.
perchance up to 250, but none from fat as your liver have enough glycogen for 20-30 min of exercise. Unless you are watching your carb intake.

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