Is this a well-mannered work out routine?

After I walk home from summer college (about 3/4 a mile up hill)

I get on the treadmill, starting out by running 12 minutes straight, next briskly walking 15 minutes, then running 6 minutes, and finally finishing out next to walking briskly again for 15 minutes. Total of 3 miles.

100 good sit ups

raise weights for my arms

A little jump roping (about 100 jumps)

50 squats

I usually bike something like a half an hour (about a mile or 2)

sounds approaching you've got it adjectives under control :)
simply keep surrounded by mind that you wont see results unless you have pious eating conduct. and if you eat similar to you workout, you'll be in supreme shape in no time!!
well brought-up luck, i hope all go well!!
Yes. This is an excellent routine and you will defanitely loseweight from it.
Definitly. As you gain more and more endurance, try to increase the time you run and lessen the time you bearing. This will make you stronger. That's a great process to start out. I think its great that you own enough self discipline to do that on ur own. Good luck.

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