"Activia"- more calories than low fat/no sugar yogurt - Do the extra calories even concern?

Which is healthier?

Also, activia claims to be the singular yogurt with a faultless kind of live germs in it, but other yogurts hold live bacteria too. What's the difference?

Thx a mill.

yes they do...girl listen, i have been intake this kind of yogurt profusely..not the activia kind a different big-hearted..and i thought i was doing something appropriate for my body...i was so wrong on so tons levels! the yogurt iwas ingestion was full of sugar! activia is also loaded near sugar!! i was roughly to buy activia...cuz u know their advertising be nice..and itlooked healthy. until i read the ingredients, everything go down hill. yes it may own live bacteria...if it have a certain benevolent of live bacteria within it, then please convey us which bacteria is it...if its l.bacillus, or acidophillus, afterwards thats nothing. of late about EVERY yogurt have that. the yogurt im eating is by Danon, and it call Light and Fit...it has sugar surrounded by it..but only close to 2 grams...and its 2 grams of NATURAL sugar.if on the ingredients it says sugar, later that means they ADDED that sugafr. so yeah..and it have 3 grams of carbs, no fat, and it have protein. and its only 60 calories a cup.when i first triedit, it tastedd strange cuz it didnt have sugar surrounded by it...so i added like a spoonful, i know, fruitless me. lol but after a week...it tastes sweet plenty, lol it tastes dutiful, and i dont need to join sugar. i like the blueberries and creme, and the strawberries and creme, and the vanilla and creme is okay...ilike it, but i dont consider i will buy it, for some reason when i guzzle a whole cup i tend to quality sick, its the same path with choclate after drinking a tiny bit, i feel sick. so yeah...conceivably try the yogurt im eating.

They hold a new non excess weight activia, it does not come in adjectives flavors, but it has a big "Light" on the packet. Don't know about the other things you asked but thought I would describe you about the non stout version.
That's a great sound out.
I bought a whole pack of Activa a while ago. I should enjoy read the label within the store! When I finally did, after eating most of that big discounted pack, I saw that it's loaded near sugar! It's actually not athletic at all. I thinkg that the sugars override any effect that any affix. bacteria might hold.
Brilliant deceptive marketing though, I enjoy to give them that.

I try to stay next to plain yogurts. They have the live microbes. If I feel resembling having a fruity yogurt next I just obtain the full-blown normal stuff. None of that no fat/low grease stuff. Because those have artificial sweeteners and that's of late all doomed to failure for your body.

I recently tried a Greek yogurt. It taste great! Many stores carry is immediately. And even the 0% version taste like a full-fat reworked copy. It's amazing. It's called Total Fage yogurt.
I looked up their website (I really LOVE that yogurt). Check it out, only just for info:
I think it's a great marketing gimmick. This microbes is supposed to regulate one's digestive and waste system so it works better. Well, I've not have yogurt in almost three years and I enjoy no problems in that nouns. The commercials I've seen enjoy been in the order of people (women, I guess to be exact their target market) who have have irregularity from poor diet and poor self-care. Imagine that. My diet is not poor. I get plenty of fiber and I put away whole foods.

I become aware of this seems to be pushed more after the National Dairy Council, or doesn`t matter what it is, pulled their ads abecause they be found out that their weight loss claims be fake. (I lost cargo AFTER I elimited dairy from my diet and I wasn't trying to do so.)

I did notice the sugar content contained by one once and was reasonably shocked at the amount of sugar in the teeny tiny cup.

With adjectives the other stuff added to yogurt (long before it's even yogurt or pasteurized milk), I don't consider it on top form at all. (Never mind it's made from a product that is to say naturally intended for calves.)

This is in recent times my opinion.
I regard as Activia is a bunch of crap, like you said... other yogurts own the bacteria too.

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