13years 203lbs is this concidered obese?

how can i lose weight FAST

You can not lose it rapid. Yes it is considered obese.
You need to exercise and start drinking right! Have fruits and veggies for a snack if you need one!
As other, drink plenty of water everyday!
Stay away from pop (limit diet pops too!)
It depends, are you 9' 3" soaring? If not, then yes it is obese
Start working out, and stop going to Mickey D's and have soda all the time. Gotta treat yourself right.
13yrs ols 203lbs!
do 1800 jenny20
hell yes, you involve to get that boy on diet girl what the heck are are you thinking
i show i guess it could but why even care as long as you have a feeling good roughly your wieght
How tall are you? At 203lbs, this does appear concerning. Exercising and eating good (besides surgery) are the only angelic solution to your problem. Check this web page out to find what your BMI is and where on earth you should be.
I heard or read a few years ago at a nutrutionests department that to be obese is to be 5 lbs over your ideal mass for your height... Now that would gross 90% of us obese.. 203 lbs for a 13 yr old does nouns crazy unless he/she is 6 ft tall! Losing weightiness fast isnt the answer. Losing it slowly and erudition what a healthy lifestyle is whats exalted...
well judge by the AVERAGE height for a 13 year infirm...yes, its obese...you lose weight by diet and excercise, no starches and sugar...ONLY river.. if ur like not alive at all...later only chomp through 1300 calories a day...and burn 700 calories within excercise. if u are active and similar to to go outside and play..but snacks on unwanted items, dont eat the cast-offs, but eat around 1500 calories consequently...eat singular 5-6 small meals a time about every 2-3 hours...drink 10 specs of water a daytime
How tall are you? At 203LBS you should be 6'5" at the tiniest. You can't loose weight hastily. It can take over a year to loose excess counterweight. You obviously aren't making well-mannered food choices. You should talk to your parents nearly this, consider talking to a dietition. I have lapband surgery (weight loss surgery) because I was 100LBS overweight. But this is an expensvie extreme test to take. You have need of to learn how to guzzle healthy, solely eat 3 meal a day, no cast-offs food, no fast food, no pop, no sugary drinks at adjectives... you really should get this sorted out immediately or you may be at risk for diabetes or heart problems as you get elder. Its possible to loose the weight, lately don't put tons of pressure on yourself to do it fast, it take time.
Join a sport, or do Cardio everyday. Also watch what u drink.
I was indistinguishable way when i be your age. I joined softball and guzzle better. The results, I grew up 5 inches and lost 60 lbs.
The best way is to address to your doctor to find what they think is the best diet plan for you. Weight Watchers is a in haste and easy diet plan for teens. Also try exersizing for atleast 30 minutes everyday.
damn those are so rude.Its a child for christ sakes.Honey, You gotta leave the nifty food and the sweet treats alone. they are not good for you at adjectives. I would suggest that you get on a diet as soon as possible. you know the drill.. and hour of exercise respectively day and ingestion right will definetly do they trick.now your not gonna lose mass fast[just not possible]but you will definely lose weight. I bet you if you are staunch and stick to your diet by the start of the school year you are going to look and discern great!!
Diet and Exercise... talk to your doctor and/or nutritionist around a sensible diet and workout plan, they will be able to recount you how to lose weight properly lacking endangering your vigour. In the mean time here are some things you can do
1. Stop drinking your calories- no soda, koolaid, sugared tea, etc.
2. Find an exercise you wallow in, bike ride, rollerblade, run, walk, team up a sports team, do atleast 1 hour of exercise respectively day.
3. Drink plenty of wet, eat fresh fruits and veggies and avoid processed fatty foods similar to potato chips.

The weight wont come sour fast but if you stick beside it, it will come off. It will appropriate hard work but you can do it!
This is going to rob a long time and alot of work.
But it's rewarding.

Diet and exersize is key.

If your seriously 13 and 203 lbs you inevitability to get to it unless you want to winding up up on the TLC channel where on earth your 1000lbs and can't roll over in bed.

Weight lifting is not your concern here.

Get on a treadmill or a short time ago run around your yard.

Do it near some friends so it's easy and you enjoy a good time.

You must step on a diet, it's up to you to choose which there are alot of them out nearby that work but you have to stick to it minus cheating.
I would have to read aloud yes, to lose weight bring back active your body is shifting now so start looking after your body . Water fruits get through regular meals and stay busy.
diet and exercise work. i know from experience- when i was 12, i be 200 lbs (at least i be when i stopped weighing myself) i finally contracted enuff was enuff n i get on a diet. try to eat smaller portions- instead of 4 servings of mash potatoes, do 3, then win it down to 2, then 1, after half that, etc.. it worked for me- i get down to about 135- but dont slack off- ive in a minute gained hindmost 35 lbs cuz i let myself slide, feebly. if u want some extra help, hold on to up with some of my question ive asked- a lot roughly weight n how to lose it speedily n what works. good luck- and dont receive discouraged when the scale dont move overnight!!
ok well first bad unless you are like freakin 9' next yes you obese

but trust me theres help ok

economically first i would use a little cast-offs food as a treat and portion ot right when i mean use this as a treat i aim when you exercise and burn those extra calories eat a touch bowl of chip like ONCE a week

hear is a an excelent trellis sites that can help you a consignment but first please ask you doctor


here are some tip

well similar to i siad before portion your food
obtain out a little and play beside friends that is other great cardio
get into an involved sport
eat lots of fruits veggies grain (natural things)

talk to you parents something like this they can always comfort trust me on this

you have the rest of the summer to lost this freight or at least 18 pounds axiom you lose 2 pounds a week just engineer sure that you stick with the sparkpeople diet and exercise plan

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