How do you slow down a dignified metabolism?

If I were to peril a guess you don't really want to slow down your metabolism, you want to gain some weight, and you integer by slowing down your metabolism you will start packing on some weight. Generally the general public that look into this don't have the greatest diets because "I can't guzzle anything and I don't gain any weight". So they eat a ton of candy bar and other crap, but not a whole lot of anything beside nutritional value. The realness is you really can't slow down your metabolism, don't worry it will arrest up with you when you receive older. In any event, I would start by looking at your diet, tallying higher level foods, read up on the Glycemic Index, take up solidity training, or ride the wave of consumption what ever you want for as long as you can, because it will catch up to you eventually
The better press is why would you want to?! *boggle* Well, I guess if you only at eone buffet a day that would slow it down...wouldn't be strong though.

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