Am I fatish?

im 14 5'2 ft and 97lb ive been down on myself lately and i love my body but dislike intensely my stoumach and the fact that i weigh 97 lb. Can you please confort me or bestow my diet tips cause i dont seize it i eat mostly fighting fit, spoil myself to a fud bar and stuff accasionally close to most people do and i run 3 miles everyday...why am i so out of condition then?

Well, it sounds close to a good counterbalance and height to me.. I'm 16 - 5'5 and 130 lbs... lol. I run alot too. If you enjoy issues with your stomach, Do some ab workouts- situps and stuff. virtuous luck sweetie :)
I would say you are in recent times fine the way you are!
ur not ut of shape AT ALL.
ur freakn SKINNY as hell!
seriously your 14 so dont verbs about stuff approaching that - you're absolutely fine from the sounds of things and we adjectives let ourselves dance from time to time so dont beat yourself up almost it =] Live while you're young!!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW! I am 5'4" and the right bulk for me is 125 lbs thats sayin somethin for you! no your not ok just because i'm 17 and your 14 dont imply weight have to be less, no your not hefty if you think so after i think theres somethin phycologically wrong if you want tone consequently do sit ups but you aint fat! ok
your prob freshly skinnyfat
you look skinny from the outside
it's just if you start working out rather like situps every other morning... go running resembling 3 times a week u'll tone up & you'll see and feel a differnce.. don't even verbs about you.. you give the impression of being in impeccably good shape from what it soudns similar to.. good luck :]

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