With ISAGENIX, how crucial is it to drink the Ionix Supreme & the Cleanse for Life drink ?

Because that stuff tastes HORRIBLE !
I be wondering how important it be that I drink them on their designated days??
I just don't want to mess up.
I figure I'd stay up on my herbal teas to substitute them.

I would GREATLY appreciate feedback.

When I tried the berry cleanse I didn't like it. With the tropical it nibble much better. The Ionix is my favorite item. The 1st cuple days it was unnatural but after that I got used to it and fell surrounded by love with it.

It's critical to really understand what is contained by the foods and you will see how knowing how healthy they are, in attendance is no alternative.

You can dilute your cleanse drink with 8 oz. dampen and down it.

Ionix is only 1 shot so it go down fast and afterwards drink a sip of water.

I will never stop Isagenix!

Charlene "Personal Success Coach" mergirlprincess@msn.com
The ionix is not crucial, but the cleanse for time is.
I would not recommend subsituting it with tea. It is full of cleansing ingredients and nutrients. It is your FOOD on cleanse days.
Have you tried shooting the 4 ounces and chase it next to water. A lot of relations find that easier.
You can also add a bit want-more-energy to it to help near the taste.
That human being said, the taste does bring back better. I almost like it immediately!!
Hang in within!
More info on site
The Supreme is an incredible bonus mineral supplement. If you take it as a one ounce shot it go down pretty easy and for me the resulting vivacity and piece of mind are well worth it.
For the Cleanse for Life drink, this can be done any as a couple of shots or dilute it with dampen and ice. You can also give in a bit of the "want more energy" flavor.
Again it is worth it and after the first couple days you may find out your piece buds will change a bit and you'll certainly look forward to the product.

congratulations on taking the steps for a healthier body and lifestyle.

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