13 year out-of-date support?

im 13 year old mannish like 114 lbs 5'1 or 5'2. i play soccer on 3 team but odnt really have practice that much within the summer. anyways am i fat? can u contribute me somme tips on how to get approaching a flatter stomache and just bring back like stronger and stuff. i lift up lighter weights every other day but i wanna bring a flatter stomache. aside from eating flawless which i do what can i do. thx

wellll im a thirteen year old girl.
i regard as that you're perfectly fine.

to obtain a flatter stomach, you can do ab holds and it also helps if you lay on your hindmost and hold a hollow position, with your foot and shoulders off the ground. try to hold that position for a minute, and build up time.
You will probably win taller soon and trim down. So I wouldn't worry just about it. If you wanted a flatter stomache, crunchs, and other ab workouts could back. Also eating right. Hope this help.
do a ton of situps , maybe be in motion for runs or even walks. =) honestly i really dont reflect lifting weights will help you win a flatter stomich(and im not saying it lyk doomed to failure to lift weights), it purely prolly wont help you within the stomich area.

PS- i dont consider 114 lbs is bad. my freind is 121 lbs and you would consider shes more lyk 100. ur fine
Try getting one of those big bouncy balls and their are lots of stomach/abs workouts that are provoking and a good workout. If you step on to the internet you can find pictures that show u. Also try to eat slower, cuz it help u fully digest and helps u know when u are truly full (It make u full faster). It helps me! Another stomach exercise is lay flat on your back on your bed and later lifting your legs and upper body at the same time so your hand touch your toes and your head against your knees.. Hope I help!:)

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