Am i fat or thin i hate my self ?

i am 10 year old and i am 138 pound .what should i do idont like to exersice and i dont eat vegetables excappet potato and cucumberand i dont eat pork,meatand fish

How tall are you? Here is a basic healthy weight range for each height:
4'7: 86-108LBS
4'9: 92-114LBS
5'0: 101-127LBS
5'1: 105-132LBS
5'2: 110-136LBS
5'4: 114-145
5'5: 119-149

I assume you are not any taller. You should talk to your parents about your fustrations. They can talk to a dietition about how to change your diet. If you are over weight its because you are making bad food choices such as eating fast food or drinking pop. Potato is not healthy, cucumber is. At 10, almost everybody is chubby. As you grow taller you stretch when your body starts to curve. But if you start at a healthy life style now, by the time your say 16, you will be in great shape.

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