Am i flab....?

I am 149 and i am 5'6, almost 5'7, at 14 and a half years hoary. I am so upset about my cargo that i just abhorrence on myself and think of how flab ugly and un- attractive i am. I don't know anymore. DO YOU THINK I AM FAT?

OMG! Don't time yourself up! How about you be in motion on my reccomended diet! First, think just about what you eat. Go to the grocery store and find forceful, fat-free foods. And ,oh yeah, I almost forgot...SUGAR! Try to find small snacks (for instance, 100 calorie packs) that have any low sugar (without going over 7 grams) or low fat. You may be tempt by delicious sweets, but try to resist them. If you're caught at a restaurant and you want some desert...okay conceivably something small. But on the low fat/sugar-free subject: you have to own a good eye to hunt for sugar-free rime cream. Healthy Choice has a popsicle (chocolate) have two grams of fat and 2 grams of sugar alcohol. (not deadly) Excersise...find a well brought-up spot doing situps. (garage, room, etc.) Start with 5 situps, next 10, then 20.and so on. Keep going complex with the amount of situps.
Confused? Here's what you inevitability to do to have a investigational you:
Find low-fat/fat free foods
Find sugar-free/no sugar added foods.
Do sit ups.
Deserts and splurging? Maybe after a hard week of consumption healthy and excersising, rime cream or a small slice of cake is okay. But limit your desert consumption up to lone one week.

Now wait. Hold on. This is NOT going to come about over night. It'll appear in a slow gradual process. Results may start in a year (or depends, you know) and you'll be TOTALLY pleased next to your results!! I hope this helps. Good luck and try these methods!
No, I am solitary a few inches taller and weigh a lot more, and I'm not fleshy, I'm pudgy. I don't feel heavy, so you really shouldn't.

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