What should i guzzle?

I am a vegetarian and i am on a diet. Its on the whole vegies, steamed raw, etc. but im other hungry like an hour next i mean i also put away fruit, sometimes nuts. The only article i can get to cram me up is bread but i hate ingestion it because first its fatty and second i hate the channel i feel after it.. plz oblige!!

How about a bowl of brown rice? I give mushrooms onions and tamari, and chicken , but you can put anything with it. Since no meat how nearly tofu?
hers a good v diet sugggestions
Try pasta or couscous conceivably? Or cereal?
First of all...if you are consumption white bread...get wheat instead.

Second of adjectives you can get some veggie burgers...
As a lacto-vegetarian, you should not be eating nuts "sometimes," you necessitate to be eating them as much as you can! To replace the protein that meat give you, you need to consume anything containing it frequently, which includes nuts as powerfully as milk. Just keep up your protein and your hunger will probably be pleased, for that is what you are missing.
Maybe you can own water ices beside reduced sugar- it might not taste perfect depending on flavor and place but it might fill you up and it's not really fatening
Or possibly rice
Hope I help
you know, i tried anyone a vegetarian for resembling six months. I became sick because I didn't set off what i ate when i ate it. Sounds liek you know the right foods, but you don't specifically know how to balance yourself. browse around a vegatarian cook book or confer go on websites to see what can facilitate. :D eating should be a fun and responsible item.

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