How can i stop myself from thowing up or nearly thowing up when i drink my protein shake?

this shake is one of the worst tasting onces ive ever have and i also have tons of it and cant afford to purely get rid of it and buy a untried one so any tips woud really be apprieciated.

Answers:    What flavor are the shakes? You could always try blending within some fresh fruit like strawberries or bananas, especially if the shakes are vanilla flavored. Maybe that'll atleast preserve you from gagging.

I despised those shakes! So I did some research awhile back, and also beside the help of a dietician, found a much cheaper and much much better taste recipe for shakes.

Here ya go:

It make approximately 35 grams of protien per recipe, making 70 grams per day next to both recipes. Double this to capture 70 grams of protein.

2 Cup's 1% Lowfat Milk
1/2 Cup Dry Milk
1 Packet of carnation instant breakfast OR you can use hot chocolate mix. I use the sugar free kind. The hot chocolate mix is cheap and taste good, but you enjoy to shake it more to break up the chocolate in the cold milk.

The carnation instant breakfast or hot chocolate can be substituted for heaps thing's, because this isn't the main source of protein. The protein comes from the milk mixture. Try blending up soft fruits, resembling banana's, blueberry's, peaches , pineapple, oranges, cherries and strawberrys.

If your avoiding sugars for one reason or another you can use fresh fruits because they are untaught sugars.

You can also use Sugar Free syrups and drink mixes. Nestle makes some.

Hope this help!
Stop drinking protein shake.

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