Am i lubricant?? why wont anyone answer!?

Do you think i am obese for 15??
i am 15
178 pounds
5 foot 9
about 35 inch waist [navel round]
wear 30-32 inch trousers..

Do you expect i am fat..chubby or ordinary..

be honest i don't mind!

For a guy, I think you are pretty commonplace.
you sound hot to me (15)
: )
idk r u strong anyways yah im 15 and weigh bout 128
your surrounded by the high common range. ur just right weight would be 165-170
lose ten pound next you will be fine but why do u care your a guy oh skulk your gay
35 inches around sounds kind of cuddly, and at 5'9" it's probably a moment or two overweight, but since you're only 15, I wouldn't verbs about it. You still own a few more years of growing ahead of you, so don't worry in the order of it until you're full-grown and know what your body will be like, basically make sure you hold healthy drinking habits.
sorry cant enunciate
its classified information
dont ask again
Well, I'm 5'8" and 178 lbs and according to the BSI chart I'm considered obese. Now, that being said, it doesn't side for someone's body composition. It's based on confident assumptions. Judging by your stats, you're definitely over weightiness, and wearing your pants too low. It's not common for you to be this weight at your age. At 15 your metabolism should be on hyperdrive. You should start an exercise and diet routine because it can well turn for the worst. Do it for yourself.
I think you are prety regular man, perhaps only a little drop 3 to 5 lbs u will be best, women like big guys (not obese thougth) so don;t verbs you are perfectly ok, do keep under surveillance what you eat and stay away from cast-offs, grease food, work a work out program 2-3 days a week and you'll see, I am 5'10" and wish I have 175-178 pounds, cant go over 165.
NOw how do you fit 32 inch pant on a 35 waist ? u should wear at least 34 it is not fit to wear tight clothes much less around the waist. Check this out:
Calculate your Body Mas Index you will see if u r overwieght.
Based on the numbers you contribute, I would say that you are slightly overweight (maybe 10 pounds).

One item to consider... what is your body frame like? Are you big boned? Do you own broad shoulders? If you have a relatively substantial frame, then your solidity is probably fine the way it is.

Just as a guideline... I'm an full-grown male, 5'8" and 150 pounds. I hold a 31 inch waist, but my body frame is a little smaller than the average for a man at my distance from the ground.
Medical recommendations for your stage are 129-169. However, if you are more muscular be aware muscle does weigh more than fat. Your waist size is that which would be considered give or take a few average. Not particularly podginess or thin.
So I would influence losing a few pounds would not hurt but you do not need to lose much. You are pretty angelic at your size.
Feel free to e-mail me if I can help further.
Sorry, but I don't estimate is a good cross-examine.

If you want to know if you look fat, singular people that in fact know you can tell you, even when culture is same Height and weight you could look portly and the other not, because of different complexion.
If you want to know if you are overweight, the only bearing is to look for a weight calculator for teens online to know whats the appropiate counterweight for your height, sex and age.
your not curvy you a re normal! close to my parents tell me don't htink you are flab and if you do you try to lose weight and you might ruin with a ingestion disorder if you do it wrong!

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