Am I at a respectable counterweight?? Please Help!!?

I am a 13-year old girl who weigh 105 pounds. i am 5"4 and i feel mortified with my body. I surface that my legs are too big and every1 says im slender but I feel they are purely saying that to be nice. Is 5"4 a robust weight for a 105 pound 13 year outdated girl? Please help me!! :)

You are at an akward age right immediately. Your body is going through a transition period right very soon so it's going to feel wierd no situation how much you way. At 105 it sounds similar to you are actually really water down for your height. Give it some time and everything will even out =)
Yes, you are in actual fact below average weight.
The rule is you should weigh 5 pounds for every pound over 5 foot so you should really weigh 120.
u sound skinny or the fitting wieght u should just stay one and the same way see check for urself
You are a spotless weight! But, if you want, you can catch toned by running, and lifting weights. Good Luck!
You're actually at a impeccable weight for that loftiness. On the thin side, but still strong. I'm 18 and 105 lbs at 5'4".
If you don't like the track your legs look, try doing some light exercise to tone them up rather bit. Jogging helps. So does the egg-shaped if you have access to one. Even purely take a long wander at least once a morning could make a difference, or doing legs lift at home.
Hope I helped. :)
Will the rule is for a feminine of you start at 100 lb if you are 5 feet surrounded by height and join 5 lbs for ever inch over that that give you the low everyday. so you should be at 120 if you are to hit the normal breadth. Is makes it look close to you are somewhat underweight. If you are actively in to sports or dance this can be a real problem within the long run. Being under counterweight make you look sick or strong. It can damage muscle growth and bone growth this is the time when you want to be at you best weight because you are builting the body that you will enjoy in the furture, contained by your case looks to be somewhat higher up the degree, so it anything you need to increase you intake of form foods.

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