Am i hefty??

im 12 and 5"6, i weigh 121 pounds and a lot of u said thats ordinary, i think i involve to lose until im 100 or so but my parents want me to weigh in at 85! they ruminate im obese! i dont know what to do, i dont really want to hurt myself, but i really wanna make them proud! should i follow my mums diet of 300 cals per time and 7 mile running, 400 situps etc. exercise plan?

i really just wanna breed my parents proud of me, thats all i wanna do.

Wow, your parents enjoy serious issues! you are SO NOT FAT. That is very remarkably wrong and unrealistic and disgusting they want you to weigh 85 lbs on a 5'6" figure. 5'6" is a pretty towering figure for a 12 yr elderly you could even weigh 140 and not be considered overweight/obese. Ask your mom why she thinks your oil and tell her your BMI (body mass index) is of regular weight. 19.5

18.5-24.9 is a mundane weight.
Sweetie ... I ponder your mum needs psychotherapy if she has a diet of 300 calories per daytime. Is she out of her mind?? You are just a child who wishes to grow up and eat plenty of full-bodied and varied food. And YOU DO NOT NEED to product your parents proud of you. Just live your life the best you can and whenever you are an full-grown and you may think you enjoy an overweight problem, ask a doctor for help. You are NOT hefty.
First off, 300 calories a hours of daylight is not nearly enough, especially for a 12 year ancient. You are definitely not overweight at all anyway. There is no entail for you to weight smaller amount than 120 or else you are going to brand yourself sick. I know you want to make your parents proud, but it is more celebrated to make yourself proud. Stand up to them, here is no reason for them to sermon to you like that at adjectives. I would definetly not follow your mom's plan. If you are 121 and 5'6" you are not fat at adjectives. If you feel you have need of to though, maybe basically run a mile a day and cut a couple of sweets out. This is still natural and you would tone up. With 300 calories and 7 miles of running, you would pass out.

Good luck!
noo i reckon your fine . . . believe some fat on gurls looks obedient. it helps in attendance body take a shape. so i chew over your fine gurl
You have plenty of time to grow, and even if you're a short time bit overweight it's nothing to be ashamed of, so the basic thing is to win plenty of exercize. Do anything you like as far as exercize go.when you start sweating keep exercizing for at lowest another 30 minutes. Also, be careful just about what you drink, sodas have lots of calories and sugar, and it's unforced to drink more calories than you need contained by a whole daylight! Avoid junk food and munch through lots of fresh fruit and vegy's. Don't eat anything at adjectives after 6 pm., and be sure to drink lots of water every morning.
It sounds like your parents are a bit psycho.most are! Just sermon to them like an grown, and tell them how you touch about things. Getting to know how to talk to you presently will help you following on, when you begin going out and starting a time of your own.
YOU ARE NOT OVERWEIGHT! i feel really batty... your parents dont know anything go to a doctor to prove it!
You are not overweight. Especially at 12, chomp through sensibly and stay involved. 300 calories/day is not healthy. There is no track you are getting the needed nutrition and energy you have need of from that little food. Speak with your doctor, conservatory nurse, or any health consideration professional and they should be able to afford you useful information going on for a healthy counterbalance and diet.
Find another avenue to make your parents proud. They are individual abusive. At 85 lbs you would look worse than Nichole Richie. Have you see her chest? It's bony.

You parent's are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! No one can be healthy on 300 calories a sunshine. I eat more than that contained by one meal. Running 7 miles and 400 sit-ups, what are they training you for? You don't hold much control over your life at twelve, you enjoy six more years of this before you can go the house.

Would my parents have be proud of me if I could hold my breath under hose for seven minutes? If that was the simply thing I could do to generate them proud, I would have to address to a school counselor. Check out this relationship:

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