Alli please merely answer if you've used this pill! Have you lost mass all the same?

If so, how many pound enjoy you lost? And how lond did it take?

I've lost roughly 2lbs in a week by using the Alli pill, low excess weight diet, and exercise. I have have very minimal side effects. If you stick to the 15 grams of podgy or less per buffet you shouldn't get too discouraging of side effects.
It just come out. I dunno, all i know is its for vastly obese people, approaching all others. It should work, thats why it get approved right?
My homegirl took that pill! But she stopped using it because of a side effect!

Every time she went to the restroom or farted she would tolerate out some greasy sh*t out or her @ss hole ( Like the grease on top of a pizza) LOL

It sounds pretty hurtful
You mean Alli
Dont bother. you want to chomp through a burger and add Depends to your wardrobe
Go to Weight Watchers. I`ve lost 65 and am doing it surrounded by a healthy route and having chocolate and burgers.

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