Alli...xenical, anyone enjoy experience beside these diet pills?

I am seriously considering getting the new over the counter drug Alli, for substance loss. Has anyone ever taken the prescription version Xenical? If so, how did it create you feel, did it work and what type of diet did you do, if any, while on it? I enjoy read up on the medicine itself but be kinda looking for some personal experience with it.

Alli worked powerfully for a friend of mine
PLEASE do not take ALLI unless you discern like you want to constantly poop a great deal. I don't know about xenical, but i tip off you to please please stay away from pills. Most are loaded caffeine and others are HORRID for your body. Please please research and think v. alertly before taking pills.

Good Luck and adjectives the best to you.
I took the Xenical and had hugely bad luck beside it. If you eat any hefty, it goes through you resembling poo through a goose. I hated it. I cut approach, way stern on the fats surrounded by my diet and still had a problem. I did loose a few pounds, but the hassle be not worth it. If you take it, be prepared.
The relations who drop negative comments on alli do not know how to use it properly.

Alli is severely effective- I have abundant clients who have taken it and none enjoy had any side effects. Just maintain your fat intake per collation low (under 15 grams) and you'll avoid any side effects from the drug. So far none of my clients have experienced anything mortifying or weird from this.

As for diet I'd stick to low lubricant including vegetables , lean meats , close to chicken and turkey, light pastas beside little fat close to seafood pasta (use thin noodles) and see portion size.

I hope this helps, if you want to read alli diet and execise tips call on

click on the read more about alli contact while there to shift to the alli blog.

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