*** my sister is fanatical near exercising how do i bring her relieve ****?

she wont be quiet more or less the gym and goes to the gym adjectives the time is there some mode of intervention i can do

p.s. i have a counterweight problem, i cant stop eating and she cant stop exercising

It sounds approaching excercise nervosa. I would look that up on the internet, it's just approaching any compulsive behavior. Read up on it to try and get her help out.
go to the gym next to her
theres nothing wrong near that, and if you are over weight conceivably you should go near her to find out what all the fuss is nearly. working out makes you grain really good!
ok so does she hold a husband? roomate? wwell get them involeved and hail as a docter if its serious. doe sshe have a body print issue? if she does, then carry her help asap.

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