About the "Curves for Women" Program of Working Out...?

Does anyone know anything about Curves workout centers and if those machines really variety a difference? They aren't "free weight" based, but hydrolic, and work beside your own body's weight resistance. How concrete you can "push" and "pull" the bars on the sundry machines is the muscle builder, I suppose... do these work? Do they take longer than free weights? And can you work out day by day with these machines as unwilling only one able to work out every OTHER sunshine with free weights? Anyone know?

I worked out at curves for around 1 year. My body defintely looked better but after 1 year and following a good diet I simply lost 12 pounds. I needed to loss about 100. Dont' know why other inhabitants I worked out with lost much more. I down 2 dress sizes and that be nice but they emphasize they fitness stratum a work out produces not neccesarily the weight loss. They equipment be great. You stay about 30 per piece of equipment and within were 12 equipment stations plus 12 jog stations. You do circuit training and complete 2 circuits. total 30 minutes. I liked the hydraulic based-equipment because you could work at your tread and strength. For example I would count how many thigh presses I could do contained by 30 seconds. I started out doing close to 15 and by the end of the year I be up to 28. Doesn't sound similar to alot but the faster you move the more pressure builds up in the hydraulic pistons that move the equipment. Basically , the explanation provided be that if i started out with 5 pounds of heave by the time I was done near that piece of equipment I was up to 10 pounds plus. Which resources that I did not have to travel out and buy a complete set of weights and as I moved up in strength have alot of weights laying around that I would not use again. Recommended free consignment for a woman is usually 5 Lbs. to start and gradually move up to 10--15-- etc. until you surface youv'e reached the maximum amount you can lift up. Curves does recommend every other day for their work out. Your muscles want a day for reclamation and the also recommend a day of cardio on your surrounded by between days. Don't know if I helped much but it merely isn't a good theory to do weights every day any. It a moment ago causes muscle strain and the possiblity of injury.
I jump to Curves. Hydraulic machines are better than weights because the machine will proffer as much resistence as you can tolerate and then do alike for me.
My sister loves curves, because it's all women. And you be in motion at your own pace she say it was the best because she never overdid it or hurt herself and also enjoy not seeing perfectly toned and skinny women looking at her while she be pouring sweat. She's in fabulous shape but not tiny but full-bodied and thats what counts. Health and happiness above adjectives else. Pearl I recommend it.

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