34D?what do you regard?

what? why you all recitation her to lose weight? freaks.
34D is brilliant. slim and big boobed. looks great. im a 34E (sounds big. dont acctually look it tho) slim near big boobs. all those recitation you to lose weight are prob these size 0 freaks that piece having a nipple is too rotund for them.

34D is great. at least you can still find bras smoothly :) lol
Very very nice.
Depends! 34D full is great, 34D saggy is yuck.
Are great. But I don't want DD's, that's too big for me.
Just right, big adequate to look damn good but not so big they exact problems. I'm 34F and it's a bit of a buggar at times
You're bragging - you lucky cow! : )
I would need more information. I approaching them in frequent sizes. I think more than a mouth full is a gamble away. But I'm also wasteful
that's nice.... am 36GG myself
I reflect on you're the most popular girl on here...
I think you must own paid suitable $$ for them
Nice T1ts
you are a perfectionist vey nice my lovely
How tall r u? That's my size too big for me..34C better.
To big for me, I approaching smaller ones myself!
Very smalll!!
Very nice, curvy is better
A little on the large side for me ,gravity other wins contained by the end. The entry I need to know is whats your bum similar to? If the bums good the breasts don't issue.
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You lucky piece!! im hardly even an A:( xx
if your heavy then nearby are just excess weight and ugly if then they are nice size breasts lol

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