Am i butter??

Ok I'm 12 and 5"6, I weigh 121 pounds, i used to be 115 but i gained since im on break in taiwan =(, I know I'm gonna lose solidity when I come back because I made a plan of 500- cals per sunshine and 7 day a week of exercise. So I calculated that and I could be 98 pounds formerly school starts (sep 1)... am I rotund?

if thats no good how much freight should i lose?

OMG! Girl, you are NOT FAT!
I am a personal Trainer and a dietitian consultant for Crunch Gym. You cannot survive off of 500 calories a hours of daylight. Your body needs a minimum of 1200 calories only for mere survival. If you eat in good health foods like fruits and vegetables, intact grained carbs (such as breads and pasta's), healthy fat such as nuts, avocados, all automatic peanut butter, beans, and simply cut out processed food and candy and soda, along with a 5 sunshine a week exercise plan you will lose that 5 lbs and be at the healthy ultimate weight your body be programmed to be.
If you starve the body, you will lose your muscle mass not the fat. You necessitate to eat to lose... explicitly the biggest misconception.
If you have any other question I would be more happy to dance into more depth with you. you can contact me at :
OMG,you are huge !!
you cant guzzle 500 calories a day. and excercise. you'll starve
continue....I'm still stuck at "on vacation surrounded by Taiwan". Like there's nowhere else in the world to budge on vacation?
u shouldnt lose any mass, u dont need to. im 3 inches taller than u and process 33 lbs more but im about usual or maybe even below average. i could gain 30 lbs and still be okay.
You've still get 8 more years of growing to do. Don't under-nourish yourself if you're going to work out. I'm 6'1" and weight 175lbs and enjoy been ever since I be 18 and I'm now 41 and I don't workout at adjectives.
Yes, try to cut down on your carbo intake.
wow you are young to verbs about this. For your height above sea level no. Don't starve yourself though. Yes even though you are eating, 500 cals a light of day is considered starving. Just get through moderately, exercise, eating small meal through out theday will help your metabolism. I'm pretty sure though that 120 is a perfect weight for that elevation. I checked online previously. Becareful and don't do anything dangerous, I hold friends with drinking disorders and have be through all that myself. Just be able-bodied!
Just work out an dont over eat, devour about 1500 calories a year to lose weight. Dont kind it a pattern to starve yourself, you dont want to develope a intake disorder
No... Your not fat at adjectives your the average weight for your rank! Do you know that if you eat smaller quantity the 900 calories a day it's considered adjectives yourself! You can't do that! You will end up dieing! because you have an idea that you will never be skinny enough! believe me I know.. I own been bulimic for so long presently! That my advice is to not keeping about mass! because once you get into it you would to some extent die then enjoy to live a life of everything you ruminate about is food and have to throw it up! your not fat at adjectives your fine!
You're not fat, only stupid. Why in the world would you want to lose 23 pounds? That is over 20% of your body counterbalance! I'm guessing (and probably am RIGHT) that you don't have more than 20% body margarine, and even if you did, then you wouldn't be capable of lose enough to get hold of to 98 pounds. Because...your body likes to own at minimum, around 5-6% body fat. At 100 pounds of substance, that is 6 lbs. of body round. Now are you trying to tell me that a character who is 100 lbs. weighs 6 lbs. too much? The answer is no, it's totally well.
1. At twelve years old your still growing so you can probably expect your weightiness to move around some.

2. Your a normal counterbalance for your height so don't verbs.

3. Be very thorough with the dieting and exercise, you can be paid yourself VERY sick if your not careful.
Seems to me at 98 pounds you would look approaching your sick, I'm 5'2 and way a bit more than that and I'm skinny as hell, I think you should of late stay the way you are, sickly looking is not Hot.
Good God No
You inevitability to rethink that calorie intake. 500 calories seems path too few. It is great if you want to eat thriving and keep within shape, but be smart about it. Talk to someone who know about these things, approaching a doctor or this person who's answer surrounded by right above mine

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