Am i dieting flawless?

at the sort of afternoon/evening, like around 7-8pm, i hike around my house for about 15min(increasing 5 min every 2 days), do my antiquated middle school thaw up and do about up to 10 tennis middle university warm up consist of: 8 jump jacks, 8 second jog within place, 8 second jump contained by place, 8 highknees, 8 buttkicks-in 3 sets. then i stretch for arm, leg, & pave the way. then i sprint-can't play tennis cuz no1 to play w/ and no tennis court. meal: breakfast is 2 toast breadw/butter and tea. sometime w/a fruit. lunch is usually a rice ball w/seaweed and fish. after other meal is small collation. then dinner is anything small. later last spread, my craving is so high. i get through like a bread and 2 junky this appropriate?! help! email: pika7chu7chu(at)yahoo(dot)com
sorry my grammer is bleak in this. i'm trying to fit everything :]

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If you're trying to lose weight, your dieting channel is incorrect. You're not exercising right. You're basically of late stretching. If your heart rate does increase rapidly, later you're not losing calories. The exercises that you do does not even exceed 5 minutes. Try jogging instead of walking (or efficient pace walking) and do weights. Exercise at most minuscule 3-5 times a week. As for your meals, you're intake a lot of carbs and grease, but no protein and veggies. For breakfast, try egg whites with veggies, a piece of intact grain bread beside water, milk and/or tea. For snacks, try fruit and protein. You should merely eat two snacks a hours of daylight; between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. For dinner, you can either own fish or chicken (grilled or broiled), veggies and brown rice. Drink at least one serving of wet during each lunchtime and no fried foods or junk food.

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