Abs training?

I want to have abs approaching my friends at the gym and I started my workout for a year, but all my day after day training didn't come up with any results even though i step a lot and i'm not overweight ( 5'8 and 160 lbs). When i asked my friend they advise me to lose 8 kg because the said that the fat may have covered the muscles. What should i do??

You need to dance on a low-fat diet, increase your cardio workout and continue your solidity lifting. You can't "spot reduce," so kicking up the intensity of your ab workout will do zilch.

If you're able, I HIGHLY recommend the Body for Life program. Go to www.bodyforlife.com to see the results you CAN undertake in 90 days.

Look into the HIIT (high intensity inverval training) method of cardio. It's a better workout and guaranteed to trim the overweight IF you stick to a good diet.
work on ab crunches for 30 min a hours of daylight for like 3 weeks and ull enjoy rock hard abs!
lots of abs work out. lot lot lots to lose the obese.
basically your friend is right. You stipulation to lose the fat that's covering your abs. I would do profoundly of abdominal exercises and a healthy diet. Should see results surrounded by a month or two.
ok.what i do is do crunches on a stability ball....250 a darkness (trust me...you'll get used to it) lay on your pay for on the ball.next to your feet on the ground and verbs yourself up to a crunch..i did 20,750 crunches so far....in nearly 3 months time.and my abs are showing now..so try that.stability ball arent expensive.just look contained by the work out/training section of any store.im pretty sure they enjoy them
First of all inheritance play a huge role when it comes body types, especially muscle structure. Not everyone is going to be able to gain a ripped stomach and even though you may not be overweight, your abdominals will still not ever look approaching your friends. That's not to say they won't look perfect though! The best way to procure a good formed stomach is to do plentifully of cardio exercise and eat a wholesome balanced diet. I know, I know - You own probably heard that over and over and over. But seriously, it's not rocket science. Most inhabitants think you call for to do a ton of abdominal excercises and well you do to build and form muscle but that will not cart care of the cloak of fat that most own covering their abs. You should only be training your abs in the region of 2 to 3 times a week.

Also, instead of doing crunches and ab exercises, switch it up and try doing some pilates or yoga. Those are great ways to tone your whole body and grant you more of a variety so that you don't manage what is called workout boredom (in simple lingo just way when your body is used to a certain workout).

Good luck!
Michelle, CPT

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