About anorexia...?

When you start eating normaly, but your metabolism slows down so that you weigh more that you did up to that time you were anorexic, should you allow this to start? Because your body needs like peas in a pod amount of food as before? Or should you lower your calorie intake to clash your metabolism?

DO NOT LOWER YOUR CAlORIE INTAke. yes, that is supose to ensue.
All i can say is devour alot and it is much better to be fat and own diabeatise
It's normal. Just maintain eating close to you are now, don't lower the calorie intake. Drink plentifully of water or exercise to save your metabolism up. It'll be ok.
don't lower your calories, your body needs fuel...guzzle right and exercise and eventually the metabolism should get spinal column to a more "normal" state... 4 - 6 small meals a hours of daylight keeps the metabolism burning at a better rate for longer, than the typical 3 meals a year.also, the more muscle you have, the faster the metabolism, and obviously exercise bumps it up for a while as well.
Do NOT lower your caloric intake. You inevitability the extra calories to gain back some nourishing weight. Initially, you may put on several pounds, but your body will adjust and your metabolism will start to speed up to burn the excess calories. You newly need to be merciful and let your body adjust.

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